Tuesday, May 29, 2012

100 days!

100 days to go! (aka 25 weeks)

Baby Bo, according to a mash up of various emails that I receive, is probably between 1.5 and 2 pounds.  He is running a little short on space, which makes his bumps and turns more noticable - and I'm still loving every second.  I feel good, and I accomplished a couple of things this weekend that made me feel slightly more ready.

In not quite unrelated news, if anyone knows anyone at TLC or a similar network, please inform them that my household could probably be the basis for a new program called Air Conditioning Wars.  There is currently a debate going on about the appropriate temperature for life in general.  So far, it's been civil.  The bigger Bo gets in the incubator that is my midsection and the more the temperature rises outside, the less civil it may be.  Check your local listings.

I picked up two excited kiddos on Friday afternoon.  After a quick stop at Daddy's work, we made our way to one of my new favorite weekly affairs, Farm Fridays at Jackson Lowe Vegetable Farm. 

I could have taken photos of their delicious veggies or awesome new facility, but I opted for a shot of these two instead.  You can hardly blame me.

We picked out broccoli and kale and squash.  C cooked the kale tonight - it was a new veggie for me, and I am typically not a huge fan of greens in general, but these went so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to take a photo of them. 

Here's a shot of the squash instead - my sweet mama cooked these up for us.  (I fried the pickles myself... to redeem myself from last week's deviled egg fiasco.)

Speaking of deviled eggs - guess who came to the rescue and had some for me on Friday night when we got there for dinner?  Yeah - my sweet mama.  She's the best.

Moving on from the food...  there was actually more to the weekend.  Saturday, the kiddos spent some one-on-one time with their daddy while I spent some one on one time with my mama.  We worked together on my registry, and I really only hit a couple of snags.

I solicited advice from mommies that I know about complex issues such as bottles and baby monitors.  After considering all the advice, I decided that in our small house with a baby sleeping mostly in our room, a basic audio monitor will work just fine.  I appreciate the need to not be confined inside the house because of a napping baby.  There are other kiddos to think of, plants to be watered, and sunshine that I need.

Sunday was a big day for us. 

Swimming with the boys at Nana and Pop's house after church.

Followed by the devouring of chili dogs.  (Not pictured is the followup trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream or the kiddo bellies that actually might have rivaled mine by the time all was said and done.)

As a special treat, the kiddos each got to stay up a little bit late and watch TV with Daddy.

It was a great Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you to the vets.  You are the reason that we live the life that we do.  May God bless and keep all of our soldiers, vets, and their families.  Amen.


  1. FYI - you only have FOURTEEN weeks, Janie. Let's hope super baby doesn't need another 25. Damn pregnancy brain :)

  2. P.s. you look amazing avec bump!

  3. 25 weeks down - 100 days to go - I am NOT adding any more time to this ordeal! ;)

    I'm beginning to embrace the bump. It's all about attitude, right??

  4. I love that I found this blog and I can follow you!! Sending you lots and lots and lots of love to you and your family!! XOXO