Thursday, October 25, 2012

I didn't do the dishes last night.

If you knew me as a teenager – or even in college – or even for a while post college – or really anytime before I got pregnant, you’ll know that cleaning has never been high on my priority list.  It was not until I realized that I’d be responsible for a tiny person who would crawl on my floors, put things in his mouth, and learn from my example that I really decided to shape up.

I found FLYLady online.  It resonated with me.  I started working through her baby steps.  I shined my kitchen sink.  I started running my dishwasher every night and cleaning it out every morning.  (I actually race the coffee pot in the mornings… it’s never won.)  It’s shocking what having a clean sink in the morning does for the rest of my day.  It makes me feel calm and in control.  I could go on and on about the value of this program, but if you need it, you know and you’ll go check it out.

Last night, after dinner, I fed Bo and we had a 2 month old photo shoot. 

He's totally adored.

Then, I gave him a bath.    
Well - WE gave him a bath.

Then Des went to bed.

No shame in my game.
And then?  Instead of putting Bo in his bassinet and cleaning out the sink, I sat and snuggled him while Cam and I watched Doctor Who.  Gone are the days when we’d have nightly LOST or Battlestar Galactica marathons.  Gone are the days when we had no one to worry about but ourselves.  And soon, the days of having a tiny snuggly baby in an adorable sleeper will be gone too.  And I want to enjoy them.  I cursed the dishes in the sink this morning, but I know that I’ll do them tonight.  In the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter that those dishes sat in the sink for 24 hours.  What matters is that I spent quality time with Cameron and Bo last night. (And treated myself to an early night in bed!)

There’s a balance here somewhere.  I’m still figuring that out, but for now – I’ll err on the side of spending time with my family, thank you very much.  You can excuse the mess, or you can excuse yourself.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yesterday was a big day - Bo finally met his (once removed) grandparents.

It made my heart happy.
And then...


And if you like the photo - you should see the behind the scenes footage.  :)

He's such a lucky boy. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How much could possibly happen in a week?

Mommy Thoughts
There are things that you can not possibly prepare for when you cross the threshold into parenthood.  You hear all the time about what you'll learn: a new kind of love, a new level of exhaustion, a new sense of responsibility, a new outlook on the world.  It's all true.  A sister-friend (totally different from a sister-wife!) made an observation on Facebook recently about a conversation she overheard between some suburban moms.  She wondered if there was anything else in the world that they found interesting or substantial.  She was concerned.  I can say, almost confidently, that they do have other interests.  I'm still just as interested now as I was in politics, television, my social life, and my husband as I was pre-baby.  It's just that a person was introduced into my life who depends on me completely.  When you pair his dependence with this newly unlocked maternal love, everything else fades into the background.  (Don't let me forget to mention that I'm also one of those working moms.  I leave my house when it's still dark outside, and I get precious little time to sit and snuggle.  I feel like I only see him on weekends, so I spend a lot of time missing him, thinking of him, wishing I was with him.)  If I seem to have a one track mind, it's because I do.  He's growing so fast.  Almost 2 months have flown by.  The people who understand me best are the women who are living with their little ones - savoring moments as they slip away.  Put us together, and I'm sure we'd seem boring to almost anyone without kids.

Side note to SB: When it's you, people will wonder the same thing about you.  You'll smile, look at the tiny face that you formed and shrug it off, knowing that there will be plenty of time to catch up on news, sports, pop culture, or whatever it is that you're missing.  You're going to be awesome when it's your turn.  <3!

State of the Bebe
Bo will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.  He's holding his head up like a champ.  He's working up some facial expressions - I've seen fleeting smiles, and I'm waiting breathlessly for an honest to goodness big toothless grin.  I feel like we've passed a milestone with nursing.  He was slow to latch a couple of days this week, but we soldiered on and prevailed.  We're working up a bedtime routine - last feeding, lotion/massage, swaddle, singing, book, prayer, and bed.  Tonight was the second night.  He went down pretty quickly, and I felt vindicated.  He's still waking up between 11PM and 1AM and then sometime between 4AM and 6AM.  We're scheduled for the first round of vaccinations next week.  I'm already stressed about it. 

((ETA: He's still wobbly with the head holding... but definitely starting to get the hang of it.))

Family Plans
Cameron is going to pick up Tyler and Des tomorrow.  He'll finally get to meet their teachers for this year.  Des will be staying for a whole week - Tyler for the weekend only.  I'm excited for some girl time, and I know how much she wants to help take care of the baby.  My second set of parents are coming up on Saturday to meet the Bebe.  I can't wait for him to meet them!

Aunt Juliet and Uncle Jonathan will be here next weekend, and we have tentative plans for a pumpkin patch / haunted corn maze trip.   I'll probably definitely be sitting out anything described as haunted.  Someone has to keep watch for the Great Pumpkin after all.  :)  My guess is that Daredevil Des will be beside herself with excitement.

It's our second week back on the FlyLady program.  The house looks great.  The routines are starting to set in.  My filing cabinet is in better shape that it has been in at least a year.  The dreaded Tupperware cabinet has been organized.  The laundry is caught up, and I even gave myself a manicure.  I've built a family binder that keeps me organized and on track.  (I'm really geeking out about it - it may get it's own post.  Don't judge me.)  We can have a guiltfree restful and snuggle filled weekend.  I may even break out a fun kid activity or two from Pinterest.

I'm learning about the sales world.  It's an interesting creature.  This week I overcame my fear of cold calling.  I drove to an industrial park, drove around, and talked to people.  I have to remind myself that people are, for the most part, nice.  The worst that anyone can say is no.  I even had one very nice man give me a tour of his warehouse. 

It was incredibly sad to see how many plants and factories have closed their doors.  Empty parking lots form desolate and dusty perimeters around sad buildings with dark windows.  It's a world that I've never seen before.  I'm relieved and terrified that there is an election around the corner.  I pray that in the near future, cars will fill the parking lots again and send the weeds that have set up residence in cracks in the pavement packing.

I'm reading a book about attachment parenting.  It's an interesting take, and while I'm not exactly soliciting advice, I'd like to hear opinions that you might have on it.  Comment, shoot me an email, or give me a call.  We'll chat.  :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Who needs sleep? Bring me coffee.

I realized that in order to be a successful as a full time employee and breastfeeder, I'd have to go to bed earlier than I had been.  This week, I've been in bed between 9 and 10 every night.  I even begrudgingly gave up watching The Soup on Wednesday.  

Last night, I stayed up to watch the debate and blog.

Today, there is not enough coffee in this office.

I need a refill.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Words FTW!

Mommy Thoughts
We've been walking after dinner for the last couple of weeks.  We strap Bo into his carseat and drop it into the stroller frame and push him around the neighborhood.  He blows bubbles at the sky while Cam and I talk about how handsome he is.  He enjoys the fresh air, and the gentle bumpity bump of the stoller soothes him.  It's good for us, and it's a lot cheaper than driving him around.

I want Bo to see us staying active.  I want exercise to be a part of his life.  I don't want him parked in front of a computer or a TV screen.  I'm guilty of it, but he makes me want to be a better person.  He's watching us.  He's learning from us.  He'll pick up our habits - good or bad.  No pressure there, eh?

State of the Bebe
Bo will be 7 weeks old tomorrow.  He tracks Cameron and me as we walk around a room.  He turns towards our voices.  He's curious.  He likes to lift his head off my shoulder and look around.  He's not completely sturdy yet, but he can definitely hold his head up for brief stretches.  He likes to watch shadows on the wall.  He's a waterbug, and a bath always calms him.  He doesn't mind water on his face.  He shows the most interest in the blue cow rattle - or maybe he likes to hear me moo.  He's drooling.  A LOT.  Teething?  This soon?  I hope not.

This week, I've really gotten back on the FlyLady bandwagon.  I've successfully completed a morning and evening routine 3 days this week.  It's Thursday, and we're heading into the weekend with the laundry done and the house clean.  That means that I can spend Saturday and Sunday snuggling and napping unapologetically with Bo.  Not only is the house in good order, but I managed to finish writing thank you notes for baby gifts. 

I thought that I was sleep deprived in college.  I pulled all-nighters, and attended the occasional late party.  Having a newborn takes it to a new level.  I haven't slept through the night since somewhere around my second trimester.  Bo is only waking up twice a night now, and I think Cam and I may survive infant induced sleep deprivation without deep emotional scarring.

Baby Bo is still primarily a boobie baby.  I always feed him when I'm not at work, and I'm allowed 2 lactation breaks during the work day.  We supplement with formula when it's necessary, and I don't feel guilty about it.  There are a couple of things that I didn't anticipate about breast feeding. 

Firstly, people seem to feel awkward about it.  I'm not even talking about being in the presence of a breastfeeding baby.  I'm talking about TALKING about it.  I don't know if they get mental images that make them uncomfortable or what.  I think it's beautiful.  I've taken photos so I'll always remember.  (I promise not to share.)

Secondly, I had no idea how much work breastfeeding is.  It seemed to me to be the most natural thing in the world, and to me anything natural should be easy.  I suppose that not having to mix formula or wash bottles does make life easier, but knowing that a tiny person depends on you completely is exhausting.  We've made it this far.  I'll keep it up for as long as I can.  I'm in awe of women who breastfeed for a year or more.  Someone has to explain to me how that works with teeth. 

I made an appointment this week with a new dentist.  There was a fancy coffee machine in the waiting room.  One of those Keurig type things that make one cup of yummy coffee at a time.  I didn't examine it closely, but I swear that I saw a Milky Way variety.  YUM.  I didn't feel right coating my mouth with creamy, sugary coffee before some poor hygenist poked around in there.  I didn't want to drink coffee right after my cleaning.  I feel that I'm entitled to a cup of their complimentary coffee though.  Think they'd notice if I strolled in before work tomorrow?  Think anyone would care?  Mmmm... coffee.