Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day 2014!

Here I sit in my jammies, hanging out with my boy Glenn Burns and the rest of the Severe Weather Team.  Atlanta is a mess.  My yard is gorgeous.  I left work at 12:30P yesterday.  The snow was coming down hard, and my normal 40 minute commute took me 3.5 hours.  Thankfully, I have non-Southern friends (Hello, Brownings!!) who were willing to go and pick up Bo from his babysitter's house.  Cameron was in Atlanta doing *asuperawesomething* that I'm not going to disclose yet.  He drove 9.5 hours, like a champ, until someone came to a dead stop in front of him on an icy hill causing him to slide off the road.  From there, he walked to a Waffle House and hitched a ride to an emergency shelter.

This morning, around 6AM, my cousin called - his wife was also stuck.  She was much further in and had found lodging with some Good Samaritans.  He had slapped chains on his 4WD truck, loaded it down with gas tanks, tow straps, and a four wheeler, and he was headed out to get his wife.  He picked up Cameron on the way, and they have now successfully navigated in, picked her up, and had brunch with some other cousins.  (Thank you, McClatcheys!!)

Bo and I have not been outside yet today - he's napping good, and I was hoping it would warm up some and we could play outside with Daddy when he gets home.  We did go outside and experience it briefly yesterday.  

Hope everyone else is safe and warm!

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  1. I can't believe how tall and non-babyish he looks here... definitely a toddler now! -Polly