Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Second Home: Floyd Labor and Delivery Ward

Yesterday, I had a routine visit at the doctor's office.  All thanks to my blood pressure, we were sent back to the hospital.  To tell you the truth, I'm a bit tired of the same old story myself.  I was excited to meet Miss Jasper Wheeler on her birthday!  The nurse let us slip back to say hi before they strapped me to the bed.

I was in triage for about 4 hours before they put me in a room on the maternity ward.  I was told (again) that this was it.  I'd probably be here until 37 weeks - November 10.  The doctor visited this morning.  All my labs look good, and my blood pressure is down.  I'm convinced that the nurse at the doctor's office was using a blood pressure cuff that was too small and that contributed to my highly elevated blood pressure yesterday.  The doctor told me that I don't look toxic at all - always nice to hear.  

A determination will be made when my 24 hour test comes back after lunch, and I'll (hopefully) be discharged.  Bo has gone to stay with his Moma and Bepaw.  He'll be beside himself.  :)

Up until this point, I was counting down to 37 weeks, but now they're saying that we could go past that.  Good for the baby, but I'm OVER BEDREST ALREADY.  I'm going to work on having a good attitude.  A visit from the Wheelers will help.  Totally looking forward to that.

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