Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 M&M's

I have a very intelligent, high energy, hard loving, hard living 3 year old.  He tests boundaries.  All the time.  We've tried many things to encourage him to follow the rules.  We've responded with anger and with love.  We've expressed to him that it makes us sad when he acts like a bad boy because in reality he's a very very good boy.  We've tried not responding at all in hopes that taking away the attention that comes with negative behavior will change it.  Unfortunately, nothing really seems to penetrate that hard curly head of his.

Yesterday, there was a teacher absent from his school.  (Praying for Mrs. Jen and her now removed appendix!  Love you, Jen!)  He was especially rowdy and had to sit out at recess.  I was mortified. This behavior is just not acceptable.  So, we're trying a new tactic.  After school, we put 10 Pecan Pie M&M's in a jar.

I don't recommend these M&M's.  I don't care how much you like Pecan Pie - just don't bother.

When he misbehaves, he loses a piece of candy.  After dinner, he gets to eat any M&M's that are left.  Last night, he had 5 of the 10 left.  Of course... we started at lunchtime.

This morning, we walked into school together.  He apologized to Mrs. Bobbie.  We talked to her about the M&M's.  If you are reading this, please pray that he has a better day.  It is just so frustrating to know what a sweet kid he is and have him act out this way at school.  I'm telling myself that as long as we don't stop trying to correct him, then we haven't failed yet.  Besides... he's 3.  3 year olds get to have bad days too.

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