Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Open Letter to My 2 Month Old

Dear Bo,

Your 2 month photo shoot!
It sounds so cliche, but I can't believe how fast the last two months has gone.  All week at work, I wish for the weekend so we can spend a whole day together.  When Saturday finally rolls around, I can't believe that you're already a whole week older.

The picture makes me squishy still!

Your latest discovery is smiling.  The first night you smiled at me, we were sitting on the bed.  I was talking to you about who-knows-what.  (Honestly, I was probably talking to you about how handsome you are.  You and I talk about that a lot.)  And then you smiled.  It was a huge open mouthed grin.  My insides went squishy.  Obviously, I went for the camera.  

Then I took about 15 videos like this one:

You're smiling more and more now.  It still melts me every time.  You're also learning that when you smile at just about anyone, they'll want to pick you up.  There's a sucker born every minute.  

You still love baths.  Just a couple of nights ago, I swear you figured out how to push the ducks around with your feet.  I'm not sure you really know yet that those feet belong to you, but we'll get there.  

You still sleep with your nose against the side of the bassinet.  I still think it's ridiculously cute.

Car rides and being outside make you a happy boy.  You get still and quiet.  You seem to be a thinker.  You love to be held, but when you're over it, you make that known too.  We put you in the bassinet and you grin and coo at the dangling moon and star and cow.  And you coo!  You gurgle and goo and coo and make all sorts of noises.  I know you want to talk to us.  It's a big change from just a month ago when it was screaming or nothing.

You LOVE your brother and sister.  They LOVE you right back.  They talk to you and dance for you and you smile and giggle and wiggle for them.  Because you are (and will always be!) my first baby, I worry and fuss a lot.  I was very nervous whenever your sister wanted to hold you.  I'm over it now because she can always calm you down.  

They'd probably sit like this all day.
She always wants to be the one to take care of you, and she even bosses Daddy and me around when we're taking care of you!  

This will forever be one of my favorite pictures of all time.

You've slept through the night a couple of times lately.  I'm so proud of you, and as much as I love my sleep, I do miss our times together in the wee hours of the morning.  The pediatrician told me at one of our first visits that if you are sleeping, I should NOT pick you up.  I should let you sleep.  I was good about it for a while, but now that you're getting bigger and it's happening so fast, I just can't help it.  Sometimes I have to scoop you up out of your bassinet when you're sleeping just to snuggle you.  I hope you'll forgive me one day just because you'll know that you were my biggest and best adventure, and I was learning as I went.  I am not perfect by any means, but you have taught me more about love in your first 2 months of life than I ever knew before.  I love you more and more every day.

As the book says, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

All my love,



  1. How wonderful, and what a great thing to pass down for later! I'm happy to be your latest follower. :)

    1. Welcome! I'm so happy to have you! :)

  2. Aww, that's so sweet. A very touching letter.

    Stopping by from the Friday blog hop!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Hope you'll stick around for a bit! :)

  3. How cute :-) I'm new to your blog from the chaos blog hop. I have a daddy blog hope you swing by if you have the time :-) Looking forward to your posts