Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Thanksgiving of Try

This year, I give Thanksgiving 2 A's.  One for "Attempted", and one for "Awesome."

The week leading up to Thanksgiving was full of hustle and bustle as 7 people and one dog coexisted under our tiny roof.  I'm still recovering - and already looking forward to Christmas.  Nothing says holidays like NOPERSONALSPACE and CHAOS. 

I didn't take a lot of photos - so I'm stealing some from Aunt Juliet to give you all an idea of how the weekend went.

Attempt #1 
We tried to make junk food turkeys.
Nailed it.
Notice how the one on the left looks optimistic and happy.  The one on the right, however, appears beaten down and as if he knows he's going to be eaten.  Or that his face is going to melt off.

Oh... yeah.
 The turkeys were then abandoned.  As were the mountains of junk food.  I'm not saying that I've eaten jelly beans for lunch every day this week at work, but...

Attempt #2

We planned to have Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's house at 2:30 on Thursday.  This turned into 4:30-5 when it became obvious that the heating element in the oven was dying a slow, painful, and cold death.  We gorged on appetizers and the outside edges of casseroles and cranberry sauce and cold desserts.  

Attempt #3

While we were waiting to eat, we attempted to take family photos.

Yeah... that worked.

The next day, I recooked the turkey at my house.  I was afraid of drying it out.  So I covered it in (fake) butter.

Paula Deen would be proud, y'all.
Sidenote: Why can't I reference Paula Deen without saying "y'all"?

Sidenote #2: this turkey was buttery and crispy and delicious.  VICTORY!

I also made what I considered to be a pretty awesome turkey fettuccine but where's the fun in taking photos of your successes?

Friday night, the extended family got together for fun and leftovers.  This was probably the most successful part of Thanksgiving as the food was good and the games were AWESOME.  

The kids had "Minute to Win It" type challenges. 

And then the adults played Catchphrase.  It was my first time, but I am positive that it WILL NOT be my last.  I laughed until I cried.

My childhood memories are full of loud, crowded, bustling holidays full of laughter, successes, and failures.  It's been several years since I have felt like a holiday lived up to what it should be, but this year - we nailed it.  Regardless of how many things went completely and totally off-the-rails wrong, we got this holiday right.  Back in the farmhouse that sits at the center of all my childhood memories, my whole family came together with spouses and children and love.  I'm confident that the ones who have gone before us watched it all and celebrated along with us as we reclaimed what it means to be the Bennett clan that we were raised to be.

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