Monday, November 19, 2012

I've said it before...

I guess I'll say it again.  My husband is my biggest fan. 

Every day, he asks if I'm going to write something here.  Lately, the answer is just no.

I'm tired - but more than that, I'm just overwhelmed.  There is so much to say.  We've had multiple weekend visits from Aunt Juliet and Uncle Jonathan.  Cows have been born.  Babies have found their hands.  There have been birthday parties and sleepovers. 

I get caught up in thinking that I have to "catch up". 

I'm not going to do anything unless I'm doing it right.  Unfortunately, that usually means that I end up doing nothing at all.  Anyone else suffer from this??

So here it is.  Stuff that I didn't write about and probably never will: a couple of pinterest success stories, Bo's first couple of trips to the church nursery, Tyler's birthday party, my return to PreView, the night I fell in love with my Journey group, Ben's birthday party, Bo's first night with a babysitter, and a multitude of gurgles, coos, smiles, kicking things, and hand finding goodness.

So there you go.  I've purged it all.  So let's start fresh, shall we? 

Oh - and here's a video of some of Bo's first giggles.  :)

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  1. Sometimes at the end of the day, the very LAST thing I ever want to do is sit down and try to make coherent thoughts from the chaos in my head. It is overwhelming!! Just keep posting pictures and you'll keep most of our begging at bay! :)