Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Challenge accepted.

I had the joy of having a whole 15 minute conversation with the one and only OneRadMother today.  For once, there was no Bo screaming or Marshall babbling or husbands vying for attention.

She sent me some clothing last week - I love it when she cleans out her closet.  In the box of clothing, there was a fabulous red jacket.  Only recently have I embraced color in my wardrobe, and I am positively dying to wear this coat.  Unfortunately, the COAT OF ONE AMAZING COLOR is too small.

Pregnancy is a funny thing.  I cried when I had to start wearing elastic waist pants, but now?  Seriously - they're just comfy.  Bo will be 5 months old on Thursday, and I think it may be time to retire them.

OneRadMother is somewhat of a workout junkie/gym rat.  In all the time I've known her, she's been that girl.  I think part of it is that she's so dang competitive.  Seriously.  If there is no one to compete with her, she'll compete with herself.  She threw down the gauntlet.  We're going to walk 10 miles this week.  Next week, she'll probably want to bump that up, but she'll drag me across that bridge kicking and screaming when we get there.

I started tonight.  Bo and I walked 2.1 miles.  I took a screenshot of my Runkeeper app and texted it to OneRadMother.  Not quite as good as walking together, but we can motivate each other from opposite sides of the state regardless.

So now - who's coming with us?  Anybody else wanna get in on this?  If there is any response on this, I'll post my before photo in the beautiful red coat here.  You wanna see?  You've gotta walk for it.  I'll text you my numbers and bug you for yours.  What else are friends for?

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  1. OH MY GOD - I get your TO WALK AND TO BLOG all in the same day?! I deserve some kind of reward. And, roomie, it's on :)