Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's ONLY Tuesday??

Things to be excited about:
Bo rolled over this week.
New episode of Big Bang Theory on Thursday night.
I no longer have to answer to a boss who *hates* me.
My house is getting back in order.
My Polly is going to come visit soon.
Guilt-free caffeine.

State of the Mama:
Refreshed.  Revived.  Renewed.  Attended Mellow's birthday party this weekend and got to spend time with two of my all-time favorite people.

For the first time ever, we were together.  Our sons were all there.  Why, oh, why did we not take a picture???  Oh, well.  Life goes on.

Since January, I've been working under a generally miserable fellow whose only delight in this world seems to be bullying me.  No joke.  I'm not being whiny.  This happened.  As of yesterday, he's no longer supervising me.  I swear that I felt my blood pressure go down.

Still sleep-deprived.  Adjusting.  I think.

State of the Bo:
Two BIG milestones this week!

 He also had his first road trip to Milledgeville.  This boy loves car rides.  He slept the whole way there.  He slept most of the way back.  I'm pretty sure he handled the time in the car better than I did.

I was texting family yesterday about a pumpkin patch visit.  I've never been a pumpkin carver, but I want to do ALLTHEFUNTHINGS for Bo.  It occurred to me that we're about to hit that Holiday vortex of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The year is about to be over.  I've gotta stay off of Pinterest.

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