Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Titles Today

Post Op Appointment:
DONE.  No more visits to NWGA Medical Clinic until February.  My iron levels are now officially normal.  You may know that I had some real problems just after Bo's birth with my iron levels.  I was so anemic that breathing was difficult.  It was so difficult that I ended up back at the hospital.  I was told that my iron level was at a 7 - only just barely above you'regettingatransfusionNOW levels.  Today, I was at 13.1.  Normal is 12-15.  WIN.  I'm a healthy mama.  Not only is my iron good, but I officially weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant.  Breast feeding is amazing, y'all.  

State of the Mama:
Hanging in there.  I've only cried 3 or 4 times today - and it wasn't sobbing this time... just tearing up when I think about my boy. Without me.  The upside is that he's with family.  He's with people who love him.  And I'm sure that he's bonding with his cousin Aubrey.  :)

State of the Bo:
Missing his mama - I'm sure.  ;)  Also - 4 days away from being a month old!  WHOA.

Weekend o' Fun:
September is a fun fun fun month.  It's the month of my hubby's birth.  It's the month of my wedding anniversary.  It is also the month of Mellow's birth!  I look forward to September because Mellow's birthday means that even if it has been months or a year since I've seen him and his awesome mother, I know that I'll be seeing them.  It'll be Bo's first road trip - 6 hours total.  Cross your fingers for us.  This is gonna be madness.

State of the Blog:
Suddenly, all the blogs that I was following have disappeared.  There are no blogs showing in my reading list.  Anyone else having an issue there?

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