Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yep - Still at home.

It's a Wednesday.

My Return to Work:
I never got a call back from the doctor's office about sending in the documentation so that I could return to work.  I called three times this morning, finally got someone, and was told that they'd get the information in.  I provided them the correct fax number and asked them to send it ASAP.

They called back in a couple of hours to say that no one could find the letter and that it would be tomorrow morning before the doctor was back in.

State of the Mama:
Stressed about not being able to go to work.  Worrying about finances and my current lack of a paycheck.  Trying to stay positive and use my extra day to explore my wardrobe now that I'm no longer wider than I am tall.

State of the Bo:
Sleeping.  Finally.  Thank goodness.  In the last 2 days, he's discovered that crying makes people come to his aid.  Everytime he stirs, he cries.  Every time he cries, he wakes himself up.  Everytime he wakes himself up, he refuses to go back to sleep unless he's being held.  I was trying so hard to avoid this.  Maybe it's unavoidable.

Short Term Goals:
Write about the BIRTH OF BO. 
Establish a new evening routine to make mornings less stressful.
Figure out what wardrobe items fit me now.
Return phone calls.

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  1. attend a birthday party? Please bring Bo as your gift. :)