Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The day I had been dreading.

Today was the day - my return to work day.

It turned out to be incredibly anti-climactic, because HR had not received the letter from my doctor stating that I could return to work.  I called the doctor's office at 0830 and left a message, but by 1000, I had received no response.  My supervisor told me to leave.  I know that you must be thinking that I gleefully packed up and ran out the door.  Actually, though, I told him that I had been cleared and there was a mixup - I asked to stay and told him that if it turned out I wasn't actually okayed by the doctor that he could not pay me for the day.  I didn't get up, get dressed, and drive 30 minutes to work to be sent home 2 hours later... but he wasn't having it.

I had a gift card in my purse, so I stopped at the Target by work before I came home.  I needed a few things for pumping and a couple of groceries.  I also treated myself to a small treat from Starbucks.  I was intrigued by their new salted caramel drink, but I'm not adventurous, so I stuck with tried and true - a toffee nut latte.  It did not disappoint.

I never got a call back from the doctor's office - I'll try again tomorrow.

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