Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dancing through life...

I was *never* a dancer.  It doesn't stop me from getting on a dance floor and shaking everything that my mama gave me and having a good time, but ... ballet, tap, and jazz?  Not so much.  Closest that I ever came was karate. 

Yesterday's adventure was not one that I was relishing.  Sitting for long periods of time is not one of my strong points at this point, and watching other people's kids dance fidget and squirm for two hours so that I could see Des on stage for 5 minutes was not my first choice for a Saturday afternoon.  {Yes - I'm a terrible person - I thought that we were all clear on this by now.}

We arrived at Ray Davis Middle School, and I accompanied Des and her mommy to the dressing room - there were two shows, and C and I were attending the second.  It was my job to keep her properly costumed and from rubbing off her whiskers until time to go on stage.

We got her dressed and put on makeup, and suddenly:

Completely Irresistable

I couldn't WAIT to watch her dance!  She was beautiful and excited and glowing.  I would have stayed in that auditorium for as long as it took to see her take her moment in the spotlight.  What I had always considered {slightly} choreographed chaos was brilliantly entertaining.

Day after day, these kids change my life in a million tiny and marvelous ways.  

And next year, she wants to take gymnastics instead.  :)

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  1. I felt exactly the same about "wee ball." We were told we would hate it - but ended up loving every minute!!