Monday, June 25, 2012

There's no punch line... Seriously, you should see it!

Today I laughed so hard that I stabbed myself in the forehead with a plastic knife. 


I spent the afternoon with some of C's nearest and dearest.

It could be worse.

I have to say that one of the ways that I know that I married the right man is the company that he keeps.  They are the kind of people who hug you the minute that you are introduced.  They are the kind of people who will tell their child that you are their aunt on the day that you meet.  They love fun.  They love their spouses.  They love their children.  They love each other's children.  They love each other's spouses.  They love.

They eat.  They drink.  They tell stories.  They laugh.  They sing.  (We left too early...)  They have been through the wringer and come out together on the other side of it all.  They are real. 

They might mock my sappiness, though I am sure that they are all guilty.  So let's move on.

Today, we celebrated LL's second birthday. 

The child is no stranger to the word "cheese".

VeggieTales ruled the day.  There were Bob and Larry cakes and even green pea cake pops.  Thanks to our gracious hosts, I had my first ever for-real Rueben sandwich.  Completely and utterly delicious.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo, but this was the kind of sandwich that required two hands.

The Birthday Party

In addition to the party, we were also welcoming home an old friend and his family.  I'm not talking about his age.  I really mean - a seriously long-time friend.

Circa 1999

I was finally able to meet his wife and daughter.  And in other SUPER-exciting news, she and I have the same due date!!  You read it right... it'll be a photo finish! We'll be adding a boy AND a girl to this crazy crew in September.

Welcome home, Uncle Chris.

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