Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to the third trimester...

or not... it all depends on which website you read. 

A picture IS worth a thousand words - we're about *this* far along.

I'm going to go ahead call it now, because as far as I'm concerned, 40/3=13.  We just hit 27 weeks, so there.  I've been incredibly blessed with what I would call an easy pregnancy.  To that Cameron replies, "Whose house have YOU been living in?" (or he would... I'm pretty sure.)  Anyhow, I've had some numbness in my thigh for a couple of weeks now that has now become anywhere from 'pins and needles' to 'burning fire from the deepest depths of my femur' to 'an excellent excuse to direct Cameron from the couch in the ways of cycling laundry'.  Just kidding about that last one, honey.

News from this week include visits from some of my very favorite people in the world...

3rd grade besties + Bella.

Jr. Beta Club besties. 

Not pictured, because sometimes you're just having too much fun and can't be bothered are OneRadMother and my dear old pottery partner, JE.

Started really working in my new position at work - I'm enjoying it, even if I have a LOT to learn.  Moved into my new office - sunlight streaming through the window by my desk makes my day brighter in so many ways.

In other totally shiny and exciting news, we got this:

Ooooh - shiny.

And if you don't understand why this is so exciting, it's mostly because for the last year, we've been working with this:

Demon Appliance.

300 degrees meant 425 degrees, 350 degrees meant 500 degrees, and 400 was anywhere from 525 up.  It was never consistant - we used an oven thermometer to TRY to regulate it.  The oven door handle used to pop off if you opened the door with anything more than a feather touch, and, oh, yeah...


Sayonara, Demon Appliance.  I am sure that there will be an incredible reception in Appliance Hell for you.

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