Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Jerry Warren Jackson was my daddy.  I think of him daily, but it makes me sad how infrequently his name is spoken anymore.  So - Jerry Warren Jackson was born on September 10, 1949.  He died the day before his birthday (also, my parents' anniversary) on September 9, 2007. 

Did you write the Book of Love and do you have faith in God, above?
If the Bible tells you so
Now, do you believe in Rock and Roll? Can music save your mortal soul? And...
Can you teach me how to dance real slow?

He was a man, and he had faults, but he was my daddy - maybe I'm biased, but it's my blog... so I'll tell you about him.

Some day when I sing this song, I'll hear you sing along.

He loved his family, AM talk radio, westerns, the Beatles, science fiction, music that was too loud, dogs, trucks, playing guitar and singing on the porch until the wee hours of the morning, UGA football, and the beach.  I knew his versions of many, many songs before I knew the real words.  I was shocked to learn that 'Bobbie' of Me and Bobbie McGee was actually a guy. 

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
Nothin' ain't worth nothing, but it's free.

He believed in God, UFO's, and listening to signs - so I do, too.

Someone like you makes it hard to live without somebody else
Someone like you makes it easy to give never thinkin' about myself

The day that he passed away, his brother came into the ICU and almost inaudibly exclaimed, "My Bo!"  I had to ask why later, having never heard him called that.  I learned then that Uncle Jimmy had called Dad 'Bo' or 'Jerry-Bo' since childhood.  It was just one brother's name for another.

Through many dangers, toils and snares...
we have already come.
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
and Grace will lead us home.

Sadly, my Baby Bo won't know him.  I try not to dwell on that.  I take solace in knowing that I have stories aplenty and that Cameron does as well.  It is such a blessing to marry a man who knew my dad and remembers him fondly.  (He'd have to - they have so much in common.)

Happy Father's Day, Daddy - We love you and miss you every day.


  1. Oh, Sissy... I almost made it the whole day without a tear. :) You never told me the rest of the "Bo" story. It makes his name that much more special! I cannot wait to meet that sweet baby and spoil him rotten. :)

    P.S. For the longest, I thought all the songs we sang with him were songs HE had written! What a joy to know that we learned them from him first.

    "Them that don't know him won't like him, and them that do, sometimes won't know how to take him. He ain't wrong, he's just different, but his pride won't let him do things to make you think he's right."

  2. I remember your daddy helping me catch my first fish at the falls. :)

  3. This post made me cry - I lost my Daddy last month at the age of 53. He will never know my youngest baby either! Keep saying his name!

    1. 53 is way too soon. I know it's hard. Prayers for you and your family.