Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real Friends Tell You When They Break Your Toilet

Had dinner with the girls on Friday night - I had been excited all week, and truth be told, so was Cameron.  "You were nice for 2 weeks the last time that you saw JRo," he told me.  I'm fairly sure that I'm nice ALLL the time, but then again, I don't have to live with me. 

Here we are! EM, myself and JRo waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory.

In a flashback to college (even without alcohol involved!), I managed to break a major fixture in EM's home.  Some things just never change. 

Friday night, I broke EM's toilet.  Luckily, I don't mean that the level of my intestinal distress was too much for the poor potty.  What I do mean is that the toilet was running... and jiggling the handle wasn't working.  I couldn't very well leave the toilet unflushed and running.  I carefully removed the porcelain top and began to fidget with the pluggy thing in the tank.  Almost immediately, the plastic chain snapped, and I realized that there was no way around this.  I was going to have to confess what I had done. 

Have you ever seen the doormats that say cute things like, "Real friends use the side door"?  I now want one that reads "Real friends tell you when they break your toilet."  I was still feeling guilty today, but then I got a text thanking me for breaking it.  It would seem that she had been begging her husband to replace that toilet for months.  It's time to start a new business venture - Is there something that you want replaced?  Invite me over - I'll ruin it.  Guaranteed.  Destruction, I can handle.

On Saturday, Cameron and I traversed the big city to celebrate Cousin J's 4th birthday.  We saw a lot of family, and the kids jumped themselves silly on all the bouncey houses.  I got a rocking baby fix thanks to Cameron's sister and cousin who were happy to let me get a little baby loving.

 Baby J!

Destyni got a turn.  She's so ready for her baby brother to get here!

Tyler was more interested in the cupcakes.  (Great job, Uncle D!)

Spending just a couple of hours with the kids is always hard.  Poor Des clung to her Daddy when it was time to leave.  She knows that they'll have a long summer visit, though - alls well that ends well.

Looooves her Daddy - but never forgets that GIRLS RULE and BOYS DROOL.  Don't know who told her that.  :)

After making two trips into the city this weekend, on the way to get Mom's trash to take to the dump, my car started shaking.  One of the tires was SHREDDED.  I limped on down the mountain until I came to my mom's road.  That's where I saw this:

Poor Bianca.

I called up a neighbor, who came to my rescue.  Unfortunately, I had parked on a slope, so on the first go-round, the car rolled forward and bent my jack in half.  I couldn't really help, so I did what I could do...

I made him cookies!  (I didn't give him the *ahem*broken one...)  These are just about my favorite cookies to make.  They're quick and easy and moist and chocolatey!  I'll get the recipe up here soon. 

All in all - it was an AWESOME weekend.  I realized that even though I may not like my house, I love my neighbors.  I'd rather have amazing neighbors than an amazing house.  Now to talk EM and JRo into moving this way.  Talk about awesome neighbors!!  


  1. We have kind of fallen in love with Discount Tire - they have one in Hiram. Cheap tires and they rotate and balance fo' FREE!

  2. Real friends also tell you when they knock your hairbrush into a hotel toilet on the first night you have really gotten to know each other. It may be a good while, and a good few drinks, later when they tell you, but they will tell you. :)

    1. "I sanitized it with hot water!!" Hahahaha. Solidified our friendship. :)