Monday, October 20, 2014

34 weeks: A Trip to L&D

This weekend was the first weekend in 2 weeks that Cameron has had time to spend with us at home.  It was very low impact and very needed.  We spent a lot of time doing stuff like this...

Last night, I woke up with an awful headache.  I had been instructed several times to go directly to the hospital if I got a headache that didn't respond to Tylenol.  Against my wishes, Cameron pushed me into the ER in a wheelchair, but when we got up to triage, it turned out that he probably knew what he was doing.  My blood pressure was 180/106.

Those magic numbers were my winning ticket to a trip to Labor and Delivery for 24 hour monitoring.  I guess the determination now is that if my blood pressure goes down while I'm here, then I stay a little longer, and if it doesn't go down, then we have a baby sooner than later.  Glad we had those steroid shots last week! 

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