Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cheeks: My BIG baby.

Yesterday, we had our follow up with the doctor.  Cam and I arrived at 8:40 for our appointment at 8:50 only to be told that we didn't have an appointment.  It didn't take long to work it out, and they squeezed us in only slightly after our original appointment.

The nurse took my vitals and then hooked me up to the machine for the nonstress test.  Somewhere around the 10 minute mark, the doctor came in.  Not one to mince words, she nodded her hello and then declared, "Your blood pressure sucks."  While some people might not appreciate this delivery, it's actually my preferred method of communication.  As a born optimist, when people don't speak clearly and directly, I have a tendency to gloss it over.

Once again, Baby Cheeks was not responsive enough for the doctor's liking, so we were sent to wait for a biophysical profile ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech was nice enough to flip over to her 4D ultrasound so that we could get a really good view of this cheeky baby.  It was amazing.

Baby was moving and grooving and we passed another BPP with 8 out of 8.  The tech estimated that baby is weighing in at 7 pounds and 9 ounces, though she admitted that her estimates are usually about half a pound high.

We met with the doctor afterwards.  I was just sure that she was going to send me back to the hospital, but she told me that she trusts me and my family to watch for symptoms and get to the hospital if anything changes.  From the beginning, it's been clear that this baby will be another csection baby, and I consoled myself by thinking about how nice it would be to schedule Cheeks' birthday.  It never occurred to me that there is every possibility that I will go into labor naturally before our induction date.  (There I go again... glossing things over.)

The doctor told me that with a baby this big, there is every possibility that I'll just hit maximum uterus capacity and go into labor.  She reminded us that God is in control and with His help, we'll make it to 37 weeks - but if we don't, that's His plan too.

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