Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Cheeks: Week 33 Day 1

Cheeks and I made our first trip to the Labor and Delivery triage yesterday.  I went to my regularly scheduled doctor appointment at 8:30AM.  We started with an ultrasound.  Cheeks is apparently measuring somewhere around 5 pounds and 9 ounces. 

I'm pretty sure it's all in the cheeks.
 My blood pressure (which had been creeping up) was even higher than expected.  Couple that with the fact that the lab lost my last 24 hour urine sample, and it was off to the hospital with me.  I was given a bed and a blood pressure cuff.  After two hours on my left side, my blood pressure was into the healthy range.  My blood work showed that my kidney/liver function was good.  I was given another 24 hour urine bucket and a steroid shot in my hip and sent home.  I'm headed back up there today for my second shot and to turn in my homework.

I'm on edge every time I have to go up there - I was blindsided last time.  A routine visit turned into admission so fast that it made my head spin.  I should never have gone without (at the very least) a phone charger.  Many many thanks to Jessica who bought me a charger and brought it up - even though I was being discharged as she got there.  

When I got home, I did a little research. (Never do this.  Ever.)  I found out that usually when steroid shots are given between 24 and 34 weeks of gestation when doctors believe that they need to strengthen baby's lungs for impending delivery.  I called the doctor's office and was told that this was merely a precaution.  They don't give the shots once you pass the 34 week mark, so I was in at just the right time for it.

I'm now officially on bed rest - except for my 2-3 trips to Rome every week.  Luckily, I have excellent caretakers in Mom and Cameron - even if I'm THE WORST PATIENT EVER.  (Sorry, guys.)

Hands down though, the best treatment that I got yesterday was having my Bo returned to me.  Moma and Bepaw were fantastically understanding, and Cameron met them halfway so that I could spend some time with him one on one just in case this baby comes sooner than later.  We read every book that he wanted to before he crashed out last night.

Snuggles are the best medicine.

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