Friday, October 17, 2014

Cheeks: Week 33 Day 4

I went in for my scheduled non-stress test today.  I arrived late and limping thanks to bad traffic and bed rest.  (I swear that I'm so stiff since going on bed rest that I wonder if it's even worth it.)

My blood pressure was up, but I'm now referring to it as my "walking around BP", so it's nothing much to talk about.  My protein levels were down - YAY!

I had been concerned since last night that Cheeks wasn't moving as much as normal, so I was really looking forward to hearing that heartbeat.  Of course, when the nice lady put the sensor on my belly, she got dead silence.  It took a minute or so for her to find Cheeks - the longest minute or so of my life.

I stayed in the room for about 20 minutes, happily listening to that little heartbeat.  The nurse came back and told me that even though the heartbeat was steady, they really wanted to see some highs and lows on there - Cheeks was not responsive enough.  I drank some ice water and stayed for 10 more minutes before heading to the ultrasound tech for a biophysical profile.

Cheeks was doing well - all the benchmarks were passed very quickly, and we were given a perfect score.

I'm taking off points for being a thumb-sucker!

We go back for another non-stress test on Tuesday.  I'll be on the couch til then! 

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  1. Aptly named test - that sounds SUPER stressful!! Whew. Sending you the biggest mental hug ever. And a nose bump. Xox!