Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flour Baby

Des and Tyler have about a million questions each about their new baby brother.  

  • What's he doing?
  • Is he sleeping?
  • What's he saying?
  • Does he like what you're eating?
  • Did he get scared when the tornado came?
  • When will he be here?
  • Does he cry?
  • Why is he upside down in your belly?
  • Why can't we dress him all in pink?
  • How big is he?
Pretty sure that I got all of those... YESTERDAY.  

I get email updates that compare Baby Bo's size to a fruit or vegetable.  It drives Cameron crazy when I call him up to say, "GUESS WHAT?!?  Your son is now a JICIMA." He says he's sick of having his son compared to food.  Which is why I thought the following was downright hysterical:

We were told at the ultrasound this week that Baby Bo is about 2 ounces short of 5 pounds at this point.  So when the kids were asking about how big Baby Bo is last night, I handed them a bag of White Lily self-rising flour.  Des cradled it and kissed it and hauled it around.  I thought that Cameron would collapse on the floor laughing when she jumped at him around the corner, holding the flour and yelled, "IT'S BABY BO!!"  I think it helps them understand why my belly is "SO BIG AND SO HARD!!"  

I know I'm sensitive - especially as I get rounder and more uncomfortable and sleep deprived, but nothing keeps your sense of humor intact like having two little people around to marvel and make observations about your changing body.

I think that the best so far has been Tyler telling me, "Tricia!  Baby Bo kicked you hard!  He made cracks on your belly!" while he traced my stretch marks with his finger.

Bo will have the best big brother and sister ever.  Love some kiddos.  Like whoa.


  1. The best part is ... the questions don't stop once the baby is born. :) There are more and more and more. It is so much fun! I am so excited for you!

  2. I'm so excited for YOU!!! :) :)