Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two Birthdays and a Braves Game

Last weekend, I learned exactly why heat and pregnancy DO NOT MIX.  Don't get me wrong - I loved every minute, but the next time the forecast looks like this:
I will be cancelling my plans.

Friday, after work, Cameron and I drove to Atlanta to see the Braves play the Nationals.  This was exciting, up until my navigational skills dissolved into the mush that my pregnant brain has become and we ended up in the traffic for “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil”.  You don't really need details on that.

Anyhow, we were only *slightly* late for the game.  We prepaid for parking in the lot directly in front of the stadium, which I would recommend to anyone going to a Braves game.  It was convenient on the front end, and if we had parked slightly smarter, we probably would have gotten out pretty quickly as well.

We were celebrating Ms. P's boyfriend's birthday - and as things are usually more fun in large groups, she had managed to corrall a nice handful of people.

These are 3 of my faves - but I'm not biased.

This happened too.  Don't get excited by that 'come hither' stare, ladies... he's all mine.

I fully expected it to be way too hot for me, but our seats were fabulous - we had a breeze through most of the game! (We were also super close to the little girls room, but I may have been the only one who was really THAT concerned about it.)  The fireworks made for a fun close to the evening, and the fact that they were set to Beatles music was the cherry on top. 

The next morning, I was invited to the sweetest first birthday party that I think I've ever attended.  Sweet Baby A was adorable as always, and there was tons of baby lovin to go around. 

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!!

I'm officially cancelling any and all birthdays that my son might have.  I can't keep up with the cute.

Opening presents!

Watching Baby A open presents hit me hard in a very soft spot.  One of her presents was a little doll that she instantly fell in love with.  She gave the baby doll open mouthed baby kisses.  Several times, she crawled back to pick up the doll, and as I watched her do it, I suddenly thought to myself that next time, I'd be happy with a little girl.  I'm not even through this go-round, and I'm thinking of the next.  It's official.  Pregnancy makes you CRAZY.

On Sunday, there was another first birthday for another special baby. (Can't actually believe that either of these tiny people has been on this Earth for a full year, but I'll go with it.)

Another photo foiled by peek-a-boo!

There was a spread of Southern food  (pimento cheese sandwiches and devilled eggs and homemade blackberry ice cream) that alternately made me want to weep with joy and gorge myself - and at certain times, both.

There was live music, and I managed to dance a little myself.


And then - the rain came.  People flooded the front porch to watch the treetops bend and sway with the promise of rain.  We held our breath and refused to roll up our car windows until there was relief.

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