Thursday, July 5, 2012


I had a new belly picture last night, but I completely forgot about it in the other excitement.  So...

30ish weeks!

So far, my journey into the third trimester has involved a reappearance of that complete and utter lack of energy that I suffered from in the first trimester.  {And just when I had almost forgotten.}  This is complicated by my inability to fall asleep or stay asleep and my desire to clean until 10 or 11PM.  So, basically - my body hates me.  

At this point, I can get heartburn from just about anything.  Most surprisingly {to me anyway}, is milk.  Whoever would have thought that the creamy deliciousness of milk could give you heartburn?

Baby Bo is kicking and squirming most of the day and night.  I might be biased, but you would not believe how strong this child of mine is.  :)  Breathing is slightly difficult at this point.  Bo has no sense of personal space, and he seems to be cramping every internal organ I have.  You don't have to tell me that it'll get worse.  Trust me, I already know.

For the last 30 weeks, I've been *slightly* stubborn - insistent that I can still do everything that I ever have done because I AM PREGNANT - NOT CRIPPLED, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Suddenly, though, I'm having trouble getting myself off the couch.  I need to be heaved up with the help of a darling and patient husband who apparently wants nothing more than to help when I'll allow it.  

It's getting to be time to pack that hospital bag.  It's flown by.  Some days hours minutes, I think that this baby can't come fast enough - and five minutes later, I don't ever want to let him go.  I'll share my personal space forever if he can just stay safe and sound and close by.  Nothing in my life makes any sense, but at the same time, things are falling into place better than I could have ever dreamed.

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  1. I enjoyed pregnancy too. You are so cute with that belly!